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Hey, I know how hard it is these days to find good movie files that aren't linked to Miss Haruna or ruined by a tag from Vandessa that says "Isn't he a dream?" So I try to provide video files that actually work and are uploaded to my account.
*None of these files were made by me*
-All are down except for the last 2-

JA: Original Japanese
NA: English Dubbed

JA A clip from the R movie - 5.26 MB (.avi file)
JA Tuxedo Kamen fights an enemy and fails - 6.15 MB (.avi file)
JA Tuxedo Kamen and ChibiUsa put out a fire with Luna-P. - 308 KB(zipped .avi file) *
JA Tuxedo Kamen trys to break out of a water thingy. - 308 KB (zipped .avi file) *
JA Fish Eye trys to kiss Mamoru but he resists. - 2.63 MB (zipped .avi file) *
JA Mamoru and ChibiUsa have a heart to heart chat. - 2.10 MB (zipped .avi file) *
JA Tuxedo Kamen charges through King Endymion. - 588 KB (zipped .avi file) *
JA Tuxedo Kamen uses his tophat to kill an enemy. - 219 KB (zipped .avi file) *
JA Hotaru, ChibiUsa, Usagi and Mamoru play. - 1.26 MB (zipped .avi file) *
NA TuxedoMask rushes to save Sailormoon on his motorcycle - 346 K (.mov file) *
NA TuxedoMask gives the "scouts" advice. - 794 K (.mov file) *

* = From the Cartoon Network website.
* = From Marie's BSSM mpegs, converted to .AVI format by me.

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