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Powers and Forms

Rose Throw: Tuxedo Kamen can do various things with a rose. He usually throws it, which stabs the enemy. He can throw numerous roses and encircle the enemy with them. Sometimes it breaks an youma's grasp on Sailormoon, and it is usually used as a sign that he has arrived, along with his BGM theme.
- Used in anime & manga by Tuxedo Kamen -

Cane Extension: Tuxedo Kamen can also do various things with his cane also. It can be used as a sword-like weapon. He also uses it to ricoche youma's attacks.
- Used in anime & manga by Tuxedo Kamen -

Top Spin: In the S movie Tuxedo Kamen appeared as Santa Claus and throws a top at the youma. Click here to see an animated gif.
- Used in S movie by Tuxedo Kamen -

Tuxedo (a) La Smoking Bomber: This is his only real attack, which is only found in the manga.
- Used in manga by Tuxedo Kamen -

Pink Sugar Heart Attack: This attack is only used in collaberation with Sailor Chibimoon. This too is only in the manga.
- Used in manga by Tuxedo Kamen -

Click here to see Tuxedo Kamen's manga transformation. This is a manga scan.

Click here to see an animated gif of Tuxedo Kamen's anime transformation.

Chiba Mamoru: Earth form.
Appears in •all 5 seasons•

Tuxedo Kamen: Senshi protector.
Appears in •BSSM•R(2nd arc)•S•SuperS•

Tsukikage no Knight: Senshi protector in anime only.
Appears in •R(1st arc)•

[Evil]Prince Endymion: Prince of Earth during Silver Millenium.
Appears in •BSSM• and end of •Stars•

King Endmyion: King of Crystal Tokyo.
Appears •periodically from the R season until SuperS•

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