February 20, 2000
I am so sorry I haven't been paying any attention to this site. Well, I just found out that fuckin tripod deleted some of my accounts because they found out I was using it to store images and videos, so -none- of the images or video files work. The sound and music files still work. I will be moving this page on to my host Kebei.com very soon, and this page will undergo a MAJOR revamp, then...I will put it into static. It's been great.
November 12, 1999
Hey...long time no update :D Anywayzzz I have a lot of new manga scans up, and a few new trading cards and anime images in the image gallery.
October 21, 1999
Took off awards to win section, cuz that was a stupid section i added a looong time ago when i thought it was sooo rad to give out awards...i was so naive :D
October 18, 1999
Altered sub-sub-pages to look correct for Netscape users. And all of the new sub-sub-page formats are up. Ok hope I can update tomorrow :D Oh yeah, I made new thumbnailed image maps(they're rad, check 'em out) for all the image vaults on about the 15th but I forgot to update :D :: Hurrys off to watch new Lain video (navi!) ::