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Useless Facts

Here are some usless facts...

  • When Mamoru was young, his parents died in a car crash.

  • Sailor Pluto likes Endymion, but does not speak of it, for fear of disturbing Endymion and Sernity's happiness. (Can someone please tell me if this is true?)

  • In the manga, Mamoru sometimes wears glasses.

  • In the manga, he has an actual power (not rose or cane), Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber, which he recieved in R. He also has Pink Sugar Heart Attack which is used only with ChibiMoon.

  • The Tsukikage No Knight did not appear in the manga.

  • In the manga, inside of Mamoru was the Golden Crystal, which was the object the Black Moon Circus was after.

  • Once in the manga, Mamoru coughed up black blood. o.O

  • In the manga Mamoru and Rei don't date, they don't even like each other :D

  • In manga, Prince Endymion has protectors - the 4 generals.

  • In the manga, Azabu is a very exclusive private school.

  • At the beginning of the manga Mamoru is in 11th grade.

  • In the manga, Mamoru was Prince Endymion in the Golden Kingdom (on earth), which is connected to Elysion, which is the holy land that protects Earth. Did that make sense? :D

  • In the manga, and the anime Mamoru has transformations.

  • In the manga, Helios is a priest who is Endymion's protector.

  • In the SailorMoonS movie, Tux Kamen dresses up as Santa Claus :D

  • Mamoru's power is called psychometry. He can feel all sorts of things just by touching something. Not only can he put out aura power from his fingertips to read something, he can use that power to heal someone or even attack them. This is why, when (in the manga) Mamoru touches Chibi-Usa he gets visions of Crystal Tokyo.*

  • Once in the manga, Sailormoon stabbed Tuxedo Kamen(the four stones, that represented the four generals, he had in his coat pocket saved his life)*

  • In the manga, Tuxedo Kamen was blinded after being healed by Sailor Moon's touch. (this was after she stabbed him)*

* - Provided by Corina.
* - Provided by Carol. Thanks :D
Got any useless facts 'bout Mamo? Email me the info and I'll give you credit :D

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